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Free lance journalist, author. Former resident of USA, UK but now living in Italy.

I started to reel off jobs I have had to my husband and he said, “Make a list!” This meant he didn’t want to hear any more. Keeping in mind I started working before and after school at age 15 and worked my way through university and that some of the jobs lasted only through school holidays and some were part time, here they are. And, I never practised the profession for which I obtained a degree.

Soda jerk, waitress, cup cake inspector, stock girl in a women’s clothing shop, sales assistant in a department store, post office sorter, machinist, librarian, pass and accident clerk for a railroad, cheque writer for Standard Oil, road master’s clerk, railroad again, catwalk and photographic model, timber buyer, assistant director of a poetry centre, production assistant on Broadway, repertory company producer, secretary, copy writer, proof reader, company director, dietician, antiques dealer, furniture restorer, reporter, feature writer, columnist, author.

Amalarian? My mother was christened with this name. She would have loved blipfoto so I have used her name. I am called Molly but so is every other cow, dog, pig, horse and rabbit. It quite puts me off.

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