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The blipper once known in the early as Streaklife, until I gave my Streak swimming lessons in Newhaven Harbour.

I've been through a number of cameras and devices during my time on blip (now nearly three). Meanwhile, I largely continued with the same idea which is to make this a journal of happenstance not claimed photographic merit. Over the years, I have started to experiment a bit more with the types of pictures I take, challenging my own perceived limitations, and I find that quite satisfying. I had fun in April 2012 with a challenge which required to take photographs to specific subjects.

I backblipped "the early life of the Streak", more or less back to the time when I first got it. This was the first photo I took with the Streak that I was reasonably happy with. I formulate plans, from time to time, to backblip have recently started backblipping some other stuff, because I love the looking forward and looking backward function you have with thumbnails. So if you go to the first picture belonging to the Streak and work backwards, you'll find some other stuff including some additional fieldtrips to the Balkans. October 2009 was a busy month for that.

In real life, I travel a lot.

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I now have a flickr account, where more photos can be found.

I'm on twitter: @joshaw

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