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About My First 1096

Hi everyone

Am an avid (very) amateur photographer looking to learn more about the mechanics of my cameras and the secrets behind those wonderful shots you see in magazines and newspapers - all help gratefully received.

Am not really a fan of post-photo processing (photoshop etc) preferring to try and make the best of what I see rather than alter it all afterwards however I do believe that it has its place for "special effects".

Had to eat my words a little here as I confess to some post-processing on occasions - nothing major though.

I love to travel and, in July 2012, completed my goal to visit all 50 US states - all done since 2003 - the first being Michigan, the last, Alaska.

For March 2014 I have organised a blipmeet in Florida with some blip-buddies old and new....... two blippers from the UK, two blippers from Finland and twelve from six different US states - it has become known as The Band of Blippers Bash Florida 2014!
I am soooooo looking forward to it!

Update: The blipmeet was fabulous - mainly thanks to the people who attended - a brilliant bunch - in fact it was so good we are doing it again in 2015 - just not sure where yet!!!

My part-time job sometimes takes me to Europe - so I will be looking at the oft-visited places with new eyes to try and catch something interesting for blip!

Hobbies include driving, riding my motorcycle, music (almost anything except opera, classical, heavy metal and rap), spending time with my dog, Shadow Dancer (a photo subject if all else fails), reading, watching TV crime shows, cooking and, of course, taking photographs. I do like the odd glass, or three, of wine or cider.

Am loving blip and all the blip-buddies I have made around the world.

Thank you all for your input, dedication and, above all, your wonderful pictures that I never tire of seeing.



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