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About chiaroscuro

I live on the southern tip of Africa, in an area known as The Garden Route.
Known for its natural scenic beauty, blipping possibility is virtually inexhaustible.

Residing about 8 kms from our nearest beach, Vic Bay, it is within easy reach for a quick blip.

I have 4 married children and 8 grandkids.

I love art, painting, drawing, music, photography.
In these respects, my name tells a little.

Needlework, sewing, knitting used to feature a lot in my life when the kids were still around - but nowadays I only fix the odd seam, or replace a zip, as the need arises.
If I have time, I'd rather pick up the paint brushes, than doing anything else.

I also do Postcrossing and have met lovely people from all over the world.

The Blip community, however, is one of a kind, and it has impacted on so many lives in a positive way.

My e-mail address:

5th January 2012

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