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I am a writer, editor, publisher, playwright, and mature student leader. I work at York University in Toronto and also study part-time for an MA in Science and Technology Studies. To that end, I am researching the life and previously undocumented papers of American experimental physicist Robert J. Van de Graaff, inventor of the generator that bears his name - an early particle accelerator and atom smasher. View my website if you want to know more.

Retro-blipping (back-blipping) prior to my first blip begins here.

My wife, Linda, aka lindee is a blipster, too.

The blipper who got me hooked is John Van de Graaff - who is the son of Robert, the subject of my MA research noted above.

Linda and I have participated in three blipmeets in a total of two countries:
1. Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 12 March 2011.
2. Northampton, Massachusetts, USA from 10-13 July 2011 while visited John and Marylee while I did more research on his father. Linda's NoHo blips start here.
3. Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 14 September 2013 with visiting international blipper from Scotland: Shandonner and GTA blippers.

My first blip on the Spotlight page was 2011 Aug 06.

The term "blipper" is fine but I think "blipster" is way cooler - a merger of blipper and hipster.

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