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Anxious to try something new. I'm not a photgrapher by any means but for the longest time I've wanted to take a photography class. Unfortunately I never had or made the time. So this site is perfect during this time in my life. Maybe due to my age or being divorced and free, I've been on a soul searchin journey and I think pictures and writing will ease the search....whatever that may be. Also I feel very uncomfortable in front of a camera and would love to get over that....so self-portraits here I come.

I have a wonderful life. Three grown wonderful children that I'm extremely close to (my biggest achievement), one granddaughter that has brought joy and laughter back into my life, devoted siblings and great friends. Another achievement I would like to fulfill is to find true love and live the 2nd part of my life with honesty, gracefulness and figure out what my Maker's purpose is for me.

Life is good....just in search for better. There is always room for better.

January 1, 2014......life has been good and I'm glad that I know how to appreciate my surroundings. I have the itch again to take pictures and write. So here I go.....

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