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About Probably a shot of a Jnr

Updated for June 2013:

Nearly done 2 years on this amazing site - I do love it as much as the day I joined, but have hit that brick wall of not being able to balance non-Blip life with Blip socialising. Damn. I comment when I can in summary!

As such, my reasons for keeping this have now changed to being a personal journal for my Jnrs to look back on (and Mrs H and I too) so some record of this fleeting joy in our lives can be captured. When they are all grown up and sensible, I want to remember all the stuff we got up to and smile with the same feeling of happiness, pride and love.

Blip continues to inspire and fascinate me too, I browse through my subscribed journals every day (so many connections on here that are important to me) and do some random flicking through when I have the time.

Bit that was here before......

I live in the UK, teach kids aged 9-11 at a superb school in Derbyshire, love watching football (particularly Sheffield United), have a great wife and young family and wish I had more time to do fun things (don't we all?).

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