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About Photofabulous!!

Now nearing 300 blips!!! Although I'm not able to blip daily now, so it's taken me a while to get there!!

Blip has utterly changed my life... To a slightly bewildering degree!! I feel I've found a missing part of myself taking photographs!! I know it probably sounds corny, but it's true!! I've always wanted to be good at something creative.... And now its happening!! I have learned so much.... And have had an amazing journey!! I have SO much more to learn... And cannot wait!! I've fallen in love!! I find it hard to believe that only a year ago I didn't own a camera that worked, and wasn't intersted anyway!!!! Thank goodness a friend encouraged me to join here though!!! :-))))

I've also taken risks this year.... From the courage to join and post that first photo, the courage to try new things and post them up, and the risk of spending a helluva lot of cash on a lovely DSLR and a ton of accessories!! :-))
Although my lovely, trusty Panasonic TZ10 is still a firm friend!!! :-)))

Photography has opened my eyes!! But Blipland has helped me grow!!!! This is such a beautiful place!! Affirming and warm!! But it still pushes me to stretch myself... And do better!! To try and capture the beauty I see just a little bit better each time!! Thankyou wonderful blippers.... Many who are friends to me!! :-))

Enough said!! :-)))))


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