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Not so recently qualified photographer, with a BA from Stevenson College Edinburgh still toiling away trying to find paid photographic work.

May 2010
Sitting in a cafe in Paris in May 2010, during our college visit to the city, I was encouraged by the lovely Sea Urchin to give Blipfoto a go. When I got home I discovered I must have already signed up but done nothing about it. The good thing about that was that it meant I could submit entries for all the days in Paris.

October 2010
So, it's been a few months now and I'm getting there. Still find that I don't always take a picture every day, and end up only having the days when I have taken pictures for another reason. Need to see if I can manage a full month of pictures...

December 2010
And at last I've managed a full month without a gap - everyday in November. Not always easy, and resorted to a few late in the day indoor shots, but hopefully can keep it going. I feel a bit of pressure to always take something really good, but should probably accept that it won't always work out. Better to take something.

July 2011
More than a year of blipping, although given my slow, sporadic start I still haven't made it to my 365th image. Still, I feel well-established as a daily blipper - more than 250 in a row now. Some good, some merely place-fillers, others ordinary pictures to accompany great experiences. Still enjoying the challenge and the creative impetus that the daily pressure to get a picture provides. And evangelically spreading the word to photographers I meet, in real life or online.

Profile pic taken by Petr Nehyba.

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