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As a lot of my friends and family will tell you, I sit down and write my goals for the year on 1st January every year. One of my goals for 2010 was to take more photos! Blipfoto is a a great find for me as it has now motivated me to do exactly that. I am not a great photographer (esepecially when I see what others have posted), but I intend to try and be a little bit creative with my iPhone!

A bit about me, bullet pointed!

1. I run my own business.
2. Happily married with one daughter called Rachel (born 2002)
3. Love the outdoors and am a keen camper.
4. My latest hobby is geocaching and I am addicted!
5. We have a Cocker Spaniel called "Poppy"
6. We live near Silverstone (Grand Prix country) in the UK.
7. I love meeting new people and making friends.

I believe in the Law of Attraction and that you create your own luck in this world.

Hope to meet some lovely people on blip.

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