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About Snapshot family world

Loving photography from my childhood i started on my 10th with a Diana lomo camera. After a few roll films it gort stuck. Next one an anominous kodak casette film camera which lasted at least a few years. On my 1§ th birthday i bought with the money earned with vacation job a " Chinon reflex camera " with all the lenses. I was much in diapositives , and whatever happened in family life i did capture that. Meanwhile i went slowly into darkroom matters . In my late twinties early 30' i got seriously involved with photgraphy. I got some good cameras first and secondhand like nikon , leica and hasselblad. Meanwhile i had buils my own house and include was a darkroom. I did a lot like portrait , street photography , family life and of course portraits most of the elderly. iI did some fine art printing a few exhibitions but that's it. In my mid 30' i stopped totally with photography due to life circumstances and just no interest anymore.
After a long gap ( in 2008) i picked up again photography with a simple point and shoot camera. Slowly slowly i found my way in digital photography which ended with up with buying a reflex camera.
I use this blog and photography just to picture the moments in daily life. Here and there i'm doing a
shoot for someone but mostly for myself.

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