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About Photo-a-day retirement

Christchurch is my home - now known around the world for the earthquakes which have recently devastated the city. I love living here - we have the beaches, rivers, mountains and forest (bush!) within easy reach. I love biking and walking, and combine those with photography, especially birds and plants. I belong to the NZ Nature Photography Club and really enjoy their meetings and field trips as they are as far as I know the only non competitive photography club. I also love gardening and reading, and although "retired" I still work as a teacher on call. I've loved being a blipper for nearly a year now, and during these tough times it's great to do something I enjoy, to give strength for the various challenges in life.

I love the comments from all the round the world and think it's amazing that one photo I take can be seen in so many places round the world by people I feel I know through their comments and photos even though we will probably never meet.

thanks and best wishes to you all!

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