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About Northern Exposure

Been blipping for a while now. Which, as someone who has never managed to keep a diary more than a few days, I find incredible.

I live in the Orkney Islands (go as far North as you can in Scotland and start swimming, you'll get here after a few miles) where I work from home as a graphic designer. My two sons, partner, various poultry, garden and beautiful surroundings tend to be the main subjects of my blips... and I have noticed that cakes features a lot as well, odd!

I'm no photographer and my pics are a record of things that happen in my day, or don't happen in some cases. If I do happen to get a shot, it's a happy accident and I am quietly pleased with myself. One things for sure I would never have taken some pics that I love and I'm proud of without the influence of Blip. I don't manage to blip everyday but the gaps probably say as much about my life as the days filled with photographs.

However the biggest surprise I've had since starting blip is that I enjoy the writing part, which explains why I haver on so much. More incredible is that people bother to read the rubbish I write... something I really appreciate.

Oh, and by the way.... I'm female. There has been some confusion on blip in the past about this, so just in case you're wondering I'll put it down in writing here. Of course we all believe what is written down in black and white, don't we?!!

Thanks for passing by!

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