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Hei there,

over 500 blips already...

Blipping here is the most great fun, very tempting place to visit and enjoy the great captures of other blippers! I have found so nice and warm people here, friends even, from different countries all over the world. And I have to admit, that one of the great things in blipping and chatting is to have an own veapon to struggle through the finnish Cold and partly Dark and Long Winter ( - the profile picture has been snapped as it was -20c on my way to the bus stop in the morning...). I find the winters here has sometimes a bit depressing, but enjoying light and colours, warmess, and focusin visual ideas around the world really has helped me.

My hobby of photographing is now fully back after long period of family time! Far back in 1980's I had a very modest kinocamera and had not real opportunities to learn photographing - so I do it now, step by step.

The family around me has been so patient and helpful - I wonder how long??? :) Anyway, I of course lure out in a strange times, night or day, if it is rainy or Freezing Cold... I have found even darkness quite cheerful! My time with the Nikon D7000 are sometimes few hours in a day, and if i have taken 300 shots, of course There can be some 10 decent, good-enough ones... As often I have no real time to focus on the blipping and so I struggle to have one shot in a day... Or something between.

So it was an easy decicion for me to take this 365 challenge of Blipfoto for the year 2014. :)

Today I have a new dream to become a real photographer sometimes... but for the time being this is only a hobby, something else to my professional life in finnish mediaworld as a programme coordinator of a Tv-channel.

So. Welcome to my blipworld - let's enjoy our time here!


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