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About hello again

I, (my name is Willemien) discovered blipfoto when my daughter got her camera and started a blip journal. Soon I followed her and posted every day my photographs.

I was born in 1945, during the final and extremely cold ("honger")winter of World War II.
The first and only baby photo of me was taken in a photo studio six months later. It was rather big and black and white, of course. No other photos were taken of me until I was about 3 or maybe 4 years old. I remember the camera they had when I was growing up. It was a (Kodak?) box that you held in front of your stomach and you looked down through the lens.
When I was twenty-something we bought our first (Olympus)camera.

Blipfoto land really opened my eyes to the world around me. Seeing my daughter's photos has also made me look more critically at my own photographs. And of course also all the other beautiful and exciting blip journals. I hope I can enjoy this for a long time to come.

On a final note, my father started a second-ha bookshop after the War. An ardent book lover myself, I joined his business when I turned 18. I had to close the shop in 2003. Forty years of books. An enormous quantity of books went through my hands. Now I see the in-numerous images of other persons. Quite a change, to say the least.

You can also see my photographs at flickr and at my website oakhillside.