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I love that this journal is making me shoot every day, even if it is just with my point and shoot a lot of the time. I also love that it forces me to choose one, the best, photograph to sum up my existence each day. I like thinking about all the other blippers out there, all over the world, doing the same thing.

- That's what I wrote when I began this and I don't think I am ever going to change it. It's a nice reminder when I have those days that I think "Why am I doing this?!?"

We live in Seattle, WA with our cats, Mushroom and Fergus, who feature in my blip journal frequently.

Here of some of my personal favorites of the blips I have taken:
Wilting, A Good Omen, Blip, Swings!, Tiny, Fergus, Home, Wedding, Big Meadows, Odin, Prosser, WA, Opposites!, Shoes, Wedding Day, Morning Light.

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