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About Ausmossie

At 1500 blips and over a year and a half behind in my blurb, I thought it was about time I updated things so I just deleted some stuff and updated the number of years etc... Too lazy.

I am an Australian currently living in Shenyang, China and teaching English to kids. I have the most wonderful job in the world. The people I work with are GREAT and my students are awesome most of the time.. When I say I teach kids, some of them are only 4 years old, unbelievably cute and sooooooo much fun.

I have been in China for over six years and will be here for a while longer I am sure. For a little over 2 years I lived in the city of Harbin in 'far' north east China. I moved (April 2008) to the city of Shenyang a little further south.

Besides the fact that I love to take pics, I also love to talk and so Blip is a combination of both for me. I have learned so many things because of Blip. Ideas on what and how to take pics, ideas about post processing and lots of other things that have been very valuable to me. I love the diversity of blip.. From people who are absolute artists with a camera (and/or PS) to people like me who occasionally get that GREAT shot to people who take every day pictures and keep a journal as a diary. They are allllll great and I love it. It is interesting, fun and a great challenge. It has kept me alive in many ways because I live so far from my family and familiar surroundings.

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