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About Big Hill

I'm a full time potter taking a break and exploring my present surroundings with the camera. Haven't done much photography lately... like 10-15 years - but am excited about the possibilities.

Thought i'd add a bit more...(January 21, 2009)
Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland... came to Canada over 30 years ago and have lived in a variety of areas, mostly Muskoka, northern Ontario, which is a very beautiful part of ontario!

I'm living on Cape Breton Island, near Baddeck till the end of February, exploring the possibilities of moving here.... it's so like Scotland that it feels like home!

I'm the mother of identical twin daughters, Morgan and Bronwyn - have a wee dog called Zoe and mostly i'm a pretty happy kinda woman!

Loving this Blip-obsession, it is giving me a much need focus during this somewhat unstructured period - altho i'm pretty content just being, reading, walking... eating... looking... exploring - it's just all pretty good right now!

Big Hill Retreat

Further updated - July 2009!
Finally i'm back at Big Hill, Baddeck, Cape Breton Island!!! and so begins the next chapter of this unbelievably interesting and fortunature life of mine!
i'm so blessed and grateful for the life i have.

You can see more images Here!

Update March 2010 - just thought i'd add my new blog here, it's still in a very new and incomplete state....still trying to navigate my way around the blogworld.....i'll get into posting more regularly soon.

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