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This Week in Blipfoto - Nothing to read here, please move on

23rd March 2012

Lady, golden, gold, shopping, highstreet,

You: "Been up to much?"

Blip: "Stuff"

You: "What stuff?"

Blip: "Top secret stuff"

You: "Right, no more said."

Blip nods and walks away. Dramatically. With a swish of cloak.

After the whirlwind that was last Friday, today's reflections on the week gone by are altogether more nonchalant... maybe somewhat sanguine.

Well, for me at least.

The Blip Boffins have been hard at work, as ever, formulating new plans for Blip's world dominanc... to make Blip even better still. And boy, will all their hard work be worth it, when we release their latest creation on you.

One thing you should look out for now, though (if you haven't seen it already) is "Days In Iraq: Profile of a Private Military Contractor" the Blip Blog from earlier this week. A great read, full of fascinating stories and imagery that ranges from poignant to all action...

Staff Picks

Don't you just hate it when the pool gets all choppy?... Beautiful Bondi at it's best - very sparkly and very splashy...

Bondi Beach, swimming, swimmer, giant wave, splash, Outdoor pool, Australia,

Sometimes you just get a feeling that someone is watching you... I think they look rather guilty, don't you?

deer, green fields, spring, watching,

A beautifully captured shot from Kathmandu. A quite moment of contemplation. Or perhaps a well earned rest between chores. Sometimes it's more than doors and walls which separate humanity...

Nepal, Kathmandu, Old men, reading, contemplating

It's a hard life. Especially when everyone is pointing and laughing at you. And this is one tired clown (on the streets of Barcelona).

Clown, Spain, Tired clown, colourful, colourful clown, tired, street performer,

Glad that you're bound to return
There's something I could have learned
You're indestructible, always believe in... Gold.

Lady, golden, gold, shopping, highstreet,

"In a city of 35m people there is an order to the way people live. Everyone knows that at some point during your day, you must give into this order, or this city will become chaotic.

"So people wait at cross walks, even though there are no cars to be seen.

"People rarely bark on their cell phones in public.

"Everything is on time. everyone is prompt.

"People are friendly. No one gets angry.

"And so on. Everyone at some point falls into line and it makes this city work and I rarely feel overwhelmed.

"...Until i get up high enough to see how much humanity is actually here."


tokyo, japan, black and white, cityscape, skyline, looking down,



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