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This Week in Blipfoto - Be cool

30th March 2012

fancy dress, penguin, shower,

Summer came early to the UK this week. Record breaking temperatures, unprepared ice cream vans chiming their praise to the unseasonal sunshine and tattooed men disposing of their shirts in an unsightly British ritual. A time when grassy slopes become a high value commodity.

It's on days like these, though, that the sharp juxtapositions on Blipfoto always strike us...

In this unlikely heat, it's hard to image that everywhere else in the world is not similarly sweltering.

But browsing through the pages of Blipfoto on any individual day, the contrasts are clear. Sitting right next to a picture of a sunny tropical beach is an image of a snow-covered landscape. Next to a picnicing family somewhere in middle England is a shot taken straight out of a movie in Manhattan. On Blipfoto, quiet ferry crossing in Egypt sit alongside the organised mayhem of commuters in Tokyo.

It's a very big and very different world out there. But Blipfoto allows these very different stories and images to be shared. Together. Seamlessly. At times it is these contrasts alone that make Blip such an interesting world to live in.

So, stay cool (or keep warm), have a great weekend, and who knows what your next Blip will sit next to?

Blip Gossip

Stewart Bremner, artist,

Edinburgh based artist and long-term Blipper Stewart Bremner, is holding his first major exhibition of paintings.

But without Blipfoto, it might just never have happened.

His work is based around his relationship with Megan Chapman... known around these parts as etherghost.

Etherghost (also known as Megan Chapman) is from Fayetteville, in North West Arkansas.

Megan and Stewart met each other on Blip and from there a slowly developing friendship came about from a shared interest in photography, art and music - all of which were themes they found in each other's journals. Over time, that friendship grew into something else, all on Blip.

Stewart overcame a fear of flying last year to jet out to the US in April, to be with Megan. And she is now living in Scotland.

Stewart's exhibition opening night is on 5 April at the Union Gallery, Edinburgh (6-8pm) and he is inviting Blippers to come along.

We'll hopefully see you there.

Staff Picks

An altogether different view of the stunning Salisbury Cathedral. Beautiful light and a perfect reflection on the font.

Salisbury Cathedral, Font, Cathedral, reflections, stained glass, church

There is something very endearing about traditional craftmanship. Especially when it is something so disposable (or consumable) as a sweet. This traditional Japanese candy maker will lovingly craft, by hand, a sweet in any form you wish.

Japan, sweet maker, black and white, tradition, old man,

An eerie shot. Fog shrouds this desolate looking scene. The figure in the poster looks on hauntingly. "Born to Die" just adds to the ominous outlook.

fog, har, mist, Edinburgh, seafield, gloomy, spooky, Lana Del Rey, poster, black and white

Gorgeous colours at sunrise in the Netherlands. Early morning mists still lingering on the promise of a good day ahead?

trees, forest, sunlight, mist, orange and black,

A perfectly captured moment in time. Unfortunately, that moment was not one to cherish... There are always heartening stories on Blip. But there are some harrowing ones too.

police line, do not cross, police, spectators, ice cream, line, street,

A perfectly stunning startrail at Harperrig Reservoir, Edinburgh.

Star trails, long exposure, night sky, stars, circles, water, evening, night,

Sometimes you just want to guess what the story is behind a photograph. This photo made us chuckle. Needless to say, this penguin doesn't look quite at home in the water as they usually do... Come to think of it, it doesn't look too at home on the land either.

fancy dress, penguin, shower,



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