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This Week in Blipfoto - Mapping out memories

6th April 2012

Gentleman, Spain, waiting, black and white,

At Blip Central, we've been getting quite excited about the launch of our major new feature. And yesterday, with just a little fanfare, we unveiled it... Blip Maps.

In doing so, not only did we launch a beautiful, functional, alternative way to browse the fascinating world of Blipfoto, but also a new way to connect your photos and stories to the places they happened.

blip maps

For the time being, at least, only Full Members can access it.

The mapping functionality is simple, but if you want to find out more on how to navigate the maps and add your own entries, read yesterday's Blog post.

Only a handful of Blippers have had access to the maps function before yesterday's launch - and we take your privacy very seriously, which is why we won't show any of your stuff on a map without your approval. So, your task now - once you've finished playing - is to add your own pictures from around the world, allowing visitors to find your most memorable destinations, your favourite spots or even just your regular haunts.

Blip maps, map

We've also engineered some easy to approve functions to allow you to add shots with existing location data (for example those uploaded through a mobile device or cameras equiped with GPS) automatically. Again have a peek at yesterday's Blog for more details on this.

In short, we hope we have launched another way for you to save and share your memories. Albeit a rather stylish one... Have a look. And enjoy.

Staff Picks

Oops. Last week we forgot to give those chosen as our Staff Picks the credit that they were due. And their shiny crowns. Our mistake. But we do intend to fix it, so alongside the Staff Picks this week you might also see a few extra (well deserved) crowns being dished out too. If you see them, don't be shy in congratulating them.

I wonder what this guys story is? Snapped outside a local coffee shop in Spain, he looks like he's waiting for someone. Maybe he's been stood up? Looking as smart as he does, I hope not.

Gentleman, Spain, waiting, black and white,

Something about this street shot from Sao Paulo caught our eye. Maybe it's the way he's meticulously cleaned up the dingy looking site? Maybe it's the blank wall behind him and his relaxed looking pace of working that makes the scene seem that it could easily be in a small village, rather than a city of almost 19 million inhabitants.

Sweeping, Brazil, Sao Paulo, streets,

This set-up, to capture the beautiful intricacies of multiple, coloured drops of water fascinated us. The resulting shot was fantastic... The first drop makes a plume. The second drop hits the plume and explodes. The third drop is poised, just about to hit.

photography, set-up, studio, camera

What a big, lonely jump... Or was it a jump? Maybe it was a very streamlined fall from the sky? A great juxtaposition to the shot above.

jumping, sea, splash, figure,

To be honest, I'd be a bit grumpy looking too if my hair was like that... Let alone if someone was trying to take pictures of me.

bad hair day, static, spikey, boy, hair, charged, electric, grumpy,

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