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This Week in Blipfoto - What did you do this week?

13th April 2012

It's friday, jumping, girl, spring, sunshine, morning,

It's Friday. You've made it through the toils of another week. But what did you do? Anything of note?

Of course you did... You just might not have realised it. After all, the everyday for one person is often the extraordinary for someone else.

But that's the thing, every day we share so much of our lives. So much has changed in how information is communicated and consumed, the way we document our own news, comment on events happening around us and create a snap shot of our own history.

However, with all the noise being generated, we need to establish filters to curate the most notable and relevant information.

Earlier this week we posted a blog sharing the recent TEDx talk that Our Dear Leader gave to a sell out crowd in Glasgow's CCA.

The subject was Creating a Collective Human History - history has been defined largely by the information our ancestors were able to create and store. But our record of the past is skewed by the powerful or privileged few who were capable of documenting the world around them.

But we are the first generation to record and share the smallest details of everday life on a massive scale, and the first with an opportunity to create a truly collective human history... But to secure our place in tomorrow's past, we need to think much more carefully about what we're doing today...

We like to think that Blip is the perfect place to record your life, one day at a time. The constraints of just one photo a day helps to create a record of the most salient moments in time.

If you haven't had the chance to check out the talk, you can read the full Blog post to find out more... or watch the video here.

Lastly, just a quick reminder that we have launched our new Blip Maps platform. It has been released to full members only - for the time being - but is populating quickly. It's certainly proving to be a great way to find interesting new photos and stories...

Blip Gossip

enLIGHTen, Edinburgh, UNESCO, City of literature

enLIGHTen was an exciting new event in Edinburgh that fused words and cutting edge technology to light up the night sky with massive projections of famous quotes from the Scottish Enlightenment illuminating the city's historical buildings.

As part of the project, run by Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature, enLIGHTen ran a photography competition that aimed to capture an image that showed Edinburgh in a whole new light.

And it was a Blipper, Ever Dundas (aka Increase on Blipfoto), that picked up the top prize for this moody shot of one of the projections - with two other Blippers taking the runner-up slots too. So congratulations to Increase, Daily_Walker and MAiT. Some great shots that capture quite uniquely the mood of enLIGHTen.

Staff Picks

This gorgeous bird steals the show at Saddle Creek, Florida. Perfectly framed and caught in flight.

stork, bird, Florida, nature and wildlife,

The big thaw has started in Finland, but before the ice disappears completely, a young fox makes a dash for it across the receding frozen waters with little thought for its safety (view it large).

fox, finland, lake, ice,

Somethings are just worth taking time over. The clean, the polish, the buff, the hairstyle... A great capture of an automobile enthusiast getting ready for the Aldeburgh Easter Classic Car Run.

classic car, car, rally, clean, vintage

A perfect mirror image from the canals of Holland. Stillness. Calm. Tranquility. The clouds are even being held at bay by the trees.

stillness, calm, reflection, traquility, holland,

"They're there to see me!" declared Barry the bird man of Bradford, as the pigeons gathered en-mass on the roofs opposite. Then, in what looked like a scene from a Hitchcock film, the birds descended. Apparently Barry goes there everyday to feed the pigeons. Lovely street snap. Great story.

Bird man, bradford, street photography, pigeons,



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