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Capturing the International Space Station

20th April 2012

In recent weeks we've seen a lot of great images being shared on Blipfoto of the International Space Station.

Photographing the night sky can be a challenge in itself - from light polution and over cast skies to skill and equipment. So add to that an extra variable and it makes the task at hand even more difficult.

international space station, ISS

International space station, iss

Photographer Shane Murphy has written an interesting guide, with a few simple tips, to capturing the ISS. He tells you how to track the station, find a suitable location, the equipment to use and the best camera settings. However, he says, "the most important thing to do is to plan well. Forward planning is vital to any night sky shot, along with a steady tripod and a warm coat."

However, if it's just finding the next time the ISS is passing over head, he points us to a couple of simple tools to use.

The first is a website Heavens Above which allows you to key in a location to find a list of fly-over times for ISS over the next ten days.

international space station, iss

The second is a Twitter app Twisst, which sends you a tweet when the International Space Station will be visable in your location.

Good luck. And wrap up warm. Who knows what you might capture?

international space station, ISS, photography

international space station, iss



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