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Ten Top (strange, funny and cute) Cat Photos on Blipfoto

23rd April 2012

What's the most searched for term on the internet?

For some it's a taboo subject, for others it's all they can think about. No, not that one... The other one. That's right. Cats. Cute Cats.

Love 'em or loathe 'em, we got 'em... Loads of them. On Blipfoto we have kitty shots bursting out of our servers. Sleeping, jumping, purring, plotting... Every cat, every shape, every size, every colour. And kittens... let's not forget kittens. Pussy Galore, you might say.

But, being Blipfoto, we have some considered cats as well as funny felines. So, with that in mind, we've attempted to collect together our Ten Best Cat pictures on Blipfoto.

cat, photography, feline, grown, grumpy, princess

Smile - it could be worse, Princess. You may have lost your dignity, but at least you have your looks (and a Blip Badge, apparently).

cat, photography, feline, kitten, squeeze,

"It seemed like a good idea at the time. But I can assure you I did not take the last cookie... It just looked, erm, comfy."

cat, photography, feline, chickens, cute,

There's going to be a very cute massacre indeed.

cat, black and white, photography, feline,

It's not like a cat to stay in the shadows... If James Dean was reincarnated as a cat, though, this might well be him (all he needs is a cigarette jutting out his lips)... Try sticking a crown on this moody beast.

cat, photography, feline, posing,

Looking for the "awwww factor"? Every self respecting photographer should have a kitten in the freezer, ready to defrost for a quick photo-shoot.

cat, photography, feline, cat in a hat, hat, kitten,

Risky cat cushion strategy employed here. At least the hat is the correct way around for the least inconvenience.

cat, photography, feline, hiding,

I feel a fight brewing. "Out the bed, kitty, or you're going to be a foot-warmer. Permanently. Capisci?" If only you had the balls to actually say that, eh?

cat, photography, feline, green, eyes, green eyes, black and green,

It's all in the eyes... And the carefully chosen, complimentary backdrop. Cats are such posers, aren't they?

cat, sick,

And just when you think that felines are such graceful creatures... Of course, some of us get sick of cats - it's good to see they get sick of something too. One too many Kit-Kat Chunkies, eh?

cat, photography, feline, kitten, spotlight, shy,

Come on little fella, you'll be a proper cat one day. Then all you'll do is bask in the spotlight. Get used to it. Grow some...

Cats are subjective. (Really subjective.) And everyone has their favourite cat shots. If we've missed yours, why not let us know. It would be a, erm, cat-astrophe if we missed it.



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