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IKEA to launch "cheapest-ever" cardboard digital camera

2nd May 2012

ikea cardboard digital camera,

IKEA is getting ready to launch a digital camera... crafted out of cardboard.

Pictures were posted on the web last week, leading to speculation that the Big Blue Box was about to release a wee brown photographic box. Now more details have been revealed by the retailer itself.

It will be called KNAPPA, and was designed in collaboration with Stockholm's Teenage Engineering.

The camera is made out of a single piece of folded cardboard, a single circuit board, a camera sensor, and an integrated USB connector, which allows the images to be downloaded to your computer.

Now, we're all for encouraging people to take more photos, making photography more accessible and allowing more people to get even more out of photography, but there's just something about the throw away culture that is creeping ever more into photography that saddens us... But what do you think?



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