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This Week in Blipfoto - With added grit (and determination)

4th May 2012

cows, gasses, industrial, chimney, pollution,

Where did that week go? In a flurry of photography, a swoosh of stories and an eeeek of excitement, that's where.

In case you missed it too, we've had quite a lot on... Including a really exciting opportunity for keen photographers - a money-can't-buy photography prize. Want to find out more? Read on...

Shot at Glory

Earlier this week we officially launched a competition with UK Athletics to offer one lucky Blipper a money-can't-buy opportunity to be an accredited photographer, track-side at Birmingham's Alexander Stadium (as well as travel to get there). The event is the last opportunity for Britain's best athletes to secure a place on the British Olympic team. So it's bound to be exciting.

It's easy to take part too... (and there are other goodies to win, including a camera and Athletics kit). Entries don't have to be athletics shots, but we are looking for action shots; photos that capture a sense of movement, or pictures that show a sense of determination to succeed.

To enter all you have to do is join the competition's UK Athletics Group (anyone can join this group) and make sure you submit your relevant pictures to the group.

Blippers can also easily enter existing Blips. Again, just join the Athletics Group, find the pictures you want to enter and add them by clicking the "Group Settings" tool. Easy.

UK Athletics, running, marathon, determination

Good luck. Have fun.

Ten Best Photography Apps

Picture-sharing, mobile app Instagram was purchased for a staggering $1bn last month. Many raised an eyebrow at the huge valuation of the relatively young app. However, one thing the deal was successful in doing was turning a focus back on photography, and the power of sharing a picture. Let Blip guide you through 10 of our favourite iPhone Apps that will help your photography.

Staff Picks

Splash! Looks like great fun. Not everyone hates the horrible weather. Just most of us... What a great shot though, capturing the moment perfectly. Refreshing.

splash, rain, water wet, soaking, puddle,

Virginia, Frying Pan Farm Rodeo. And that's how to dismount a raging bull... The flight of the rodeo rider, caught mid-flight... Owch.

rodeo, bull riding, bull, Viginia, action

A man stands in an Afghan Street, a baby monkey nestled in his arms and bottle of milk in hand... Is the monkey a pet? Or is it an item for sale? We'll never know.

Afghanistan, monkey, baby monkey, street

A late night photo on Ullswater, Lake District (UK). The mystery of the lake comes to life in this brilliantly lit shot. Check out the pebbles under the water. Check out the stars.

Ullswater, boat, lake, lake district, surreal, light, night time,

A surreal juxtaposition of nature and industry. Wonder who's responsible for more ozone-depleting gases, though... The cows or the bad guys behind them?

cows, gasses, industrial, chimney, pollution,

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