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Blipfoto Maps Launch - Now we can all map the world, one day at a time

13th June 2012

When Blipfoto Maps launched in April we promised that it would eventually be rolled out to everyone... And that time has come.

The Beta testing of Blipfoto Maps is now complete and it's ready to be released to the masses.

Blip Maps, Big Map

Over the past couple of months Blipfoto Members have been having fun, plotting their Blips on the map and exploring the world through Blipfoto... And the world's already looking quite a busy place.

We think that since Blipfoto is all about connecting a photo and a story to a particular point in time, the logical next step is to connect these pictures and stories to the places they happened too.

And, with help from our Members, we now already have an idea of what all our photos - which flood in from 170 countries - will look like placed on a world map.

There are some fun projects on the horizon at Blip HQ - some of which we'll be sharing with you very soon - that Maps will add a whole new dimension to. We're quite excited.

Blip Maps are super-simple to use and fit in neatly with the rest of the website. For those that haven't had the chance to try it already, here's the low-down...

Browsing the maps

The first thing you'll notice is a new tab underneath the thumbnail images on the home page called 'browse map'. Click on this and you'll find a very simple, very blippish world map which lets you explore down to city level.

Blip Maps, Grey map, Europe,

If you want a bigger, more detailed map, click the 'Open detailed map' button at the top of the simple map. This will fill your screen with a full-colour, searchable map which takes you right down to street level.

Edinburgh, Blip Maps, detailed

Drag the map around, zoom in or out, search by date, tag or blipper, then click the big 'refresh' button to see what pops up.

These two maps do quite different things, so you won't necessarily find the same things on both. The simple grey map lets you browse recent content in the same way you're used to browsing through thumbnails on the home page (by date, upload, subscription, etc.), while the detailed colour map lets you look at everything, by date, location, tag or an individual contributor.

Adding your entries to the map

Adding your existing entries to the map is quick and easy - and strangely addictive. Just go to an entry in your journal, click the modify (pencil) icon and follow the instructions to pinpoint where it was taken.

Blip Maps, Adding entries,

When you upload a new entry, you'll find the map option on the same page as you use to add your title, description and tags. Entries attached to a location display a small icon at the bottom of the journal entry page.

Your existing entries with location data

If you use a smart phone, or your camera is equipped with a GPS function, it's quite likely that you've already uploaded photos with location data embedded in their EXIF data.

If so, click on 'My Journal' in the left hand menu, then click on 'location data' at the bottom of the sub-menu. This will take you to a page which lists all your existing entries with location data. Choose which you'd like to keep private and which you'd like to make public, then click on 'Save changes' at the bottom of the page.

An important note on privacy

We take your privacy very seriously, which is why we won't show any of your stuff on a map without your approval.
For that reason, there's a new 'Maps' option on your Journal Settings page which is currently switched off. If you leave it that way, you'll still be able to add individual entries to maps, but entries you publish from somewhere else (by email, or through a third-party app, for example) won't appear on the map. Switch it on and any photos you publish with location data will start appearing automatically.

The maps are public, so we strongly advise against publishing anything on the map which might expose where you live or work, where your children go to school, or any other similarly sensitive location.

If you change your mind about something you've placed on the map and want to remove it, just go back to the entry, click the modify icon and un-check the box.



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