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This week in Blipfoto - Challenging photography

31st August 2012

We've had thousands of shots entered for our See Us project as its momentum continues to grow. We've had loads of shots from across Scotland, but entries from as far afield as New York and New Zealand too.

Speed of light, See Us, Edinburgh

So, in our quest to celebrate the Year of Creative Scotland, the challenge we have for you is to capture a picture that encapsulates what Scottish creativity means to you, no matter where you are. In fact, the further away you are the better. It could be a band, it may be a book, at might be an innovation or it could even be a place.

It's easy to take part. Join the Group to add your photos, and your pictures and stories could be part of an amazing archive, a glossy book and a touring exhibition. In the spirit of creativity, just think what we might make together!

Photo of the Week

Talking of challenges, the theme for this week's Calumet Photo of the Week is "Family".

Win a print of your photo and feature on the Calumet site... On Monday we will announce the winner and reveal the next challenge! Good luck.

Staff Picks

Some skirts were just made for twirling... The soft bare feet on the cold parquet floor creates such a feeling of youthful energy. And then back to the day job!

Twirling, skirt

Here we have some serious camera envy. Check out this reinvigorated journal as JackHynes films the natural history of the Brazilian Rainforests.

camera, filming, rainforest, brazil

Sunset on Tome Hill, Albuquerque. In New Mexico, East of the Rio Grande, sits Tome Hill an ancient geologic rift. Local Christians make an annual pilgrimage to the site. Today it was a bit more serene.

Tome Hill, New Mexico, Sunset,

Love the contrast of this black and white shot of a fisherman on Oceanside Pier, California. It almost makes the scene even sunnier.

Oceanside Pier, California, Fisherman,

Mid-flight. A bunch of canoeists were filming at Maruia Falls, New Zealand. This, I think, is what could be termed as an action shot, from the safety of the bank.

canoe, waterfall, new zealand, drop,

Upsidedown. Which way up? Who is where? And what's going on? Fun at the park.

upsidedown, fun, playpark



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