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This week in Blipfoto - This week in bullet points

14th December 2012

Winchester Cathedral, ice skating, choir boys, staff picks

So little week, so much to do. It's been so busy that, in fact, Soup-er Thursday had to change to Friday! [Theatrical shock and horror!]

Do you remember, as a kid, when you used to wish the weeks away in the run up to Christmas? Well, we're turning that wish into a reality... It feels as though the week's shot by in a series of bullet points. Kinda like:

* Blipfoto's hiring! We're looking for a brilliant UI Designer. So, if you - or someone you know - fits the bill, let us know and we'll send you the full job spec.

* Did you miss the launch of our shiny new iPhone App? If so, check it out here.

* Have you entered the Lovers of Light competition? If not, you could be missing out on a truly incredible prize.

* Calumet's Photo of the Week's theme has change again. As it does every Monday. Discover the new theme here.

* The See Us project is coming together (very) nicely and the results will be revealed in the new year.

* Those of you in the UK still have until the 16th (that's just 2 days!) to place your orders for Blip Calendars and Books to have them delivered in time for Christmas.

* Soup-er Thursday. Join in. It's fun. Make it a global event. Share your soup (and extras!) on Blip. It's also the one moment in a manic week that we all get to relax for a spot. Until the dishes need doing...

* Oh, and we hope you like our wintery themed Staff Picks...

Staff Picks

A spotlight falls on a foggy rugby pitch, as the team gets their talk. Should be an interesting game given the conditions.

Foggy, spotlight, darkness, rugby, staff picks

Winchester Choir boys show off their moves outside their famous Cathedral. Great all action shot with a historical slant.

Winchester Cathedral, ice skating, choir boys, staff picks

We have Blippers in many amazing places around the world, but there can't be many more remote places than the Antarctic?

Seals, Antarctic, ice, wildlife, staff picks,

Not the Antarctic, but a penguin nonetheless. A smoking penguin. You don't see that often!

penguin, smoking, snowy, staff picks

As steam billows out of this remote Scandinavian sauna, faces seem to appear in the dark. A lone sauna-goer cools in the bitter cold completely unaware.

Sauna, Finland, steam, Scandinavia, Staff Picks,

Important Alumni of London's Kings College stare down from its walls, observing the queue at the bus stop. Between them they founded a hospital and invented the battery. Meanwhile, pretty models mount the bus stop flogging expensive watches. Compare and contrast.

Staff Picks, King's College, London, Contrasts, bustop, models

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