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Calumet Photo of the Week - Monday 17th December 2012

17th December 2012

The theme for last week's Calumet Photo of the Week photography challenge was "People".

We had candid shots of people going about their business entered from around the world - some doing extraordinary things, others more concerned about the every day. But it was this great portrait of two ruby players that was selected as this week's winning shot. A beautiful juxtaposition of age combining with muddy enthusiasm.

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The picture will now be added to the Calumet PotW Hall of Fame, with a print of the shot winging its way to the winning Blipper.

New Challenge - Christmas

It's just one week to Christmas, so let's go with predictability here... You guessed it, "Christmas" is the theme for the new Calumet Photo of the Week Challenge.

We want you to ramp Christmas up to 11 on the dial and gives us your best, most Christmassy shots.

What does Christmas mean to you? Is it a time for family? Is it about sharing? Is it pure gluttony? Is it a chore? Will it be snowing or will you be spending you time on the beach?

To enter, simply join the Calumet Group on Blipfoto and add your photo(s).



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