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This week in Blipfoto - Wishing you all the Festive cheer from the end of the world

21st December 2012

Christmas party, singing, crown, Black and white

People across the world woke up this morning and threw open their curtains, half expecting to be greeted by the sight of fire and brimstone. But, it appears we have survived today's predicted apocalypse. (Let's just hope that we've not spoken too soon though - the Blip Central Christmas lunch is just about to start, after all!)

And as we slip into the no-man's land of the Christmas party, last minute shopping and festive excess, there's just time to share with you what's been going on this week in Blipfoto - and gift you a lovingly selected set of Staff Pick photos.

But there wasn't festive cheer for everyone this week, though... Photo sharing was put in the spotlight as picture app Instagram faced a backlash against a new policy it tried to introduce - giving it the rights to sell its users images without their permission or even knowledge.

In response we penned a blog post that sets out why why Blipfoto would never sell your pictures to any third parties - unless, of course, they're helping you make some money.

Instagram has since backtracked, apparently. But it will be interesting to see how its users react.

Shop orders

Over the Christmas and New Year period, there might be a slight delay to orders placed through the Blipfoto Shop. But all orders will be fulfilled as fast as our lovely printers and postmen can keep up.

We're hiring

We're searching for a bright new button! A special someone to join the team. And that special someone is a talented User Interface/Graphic Designer. If that's you, find out more here.

All that's left is to wish you all a merry Christmas and gift you a fine selection of Staff Picks...

Staff Picks

A light mist mutes the colours in this peaceful winter scene from Holland. The jumble of metal and wires of the pylon contrasting or complementing the regimented trees.

holland, sketch-like, canal, bicycle, Black and white, electricity pylon,

A colourful composition in an uncluttered little world of her own. What tricks might the box of delight hold?

Colourful, little girl, box of delights

The fun and the excess of the Christmas party. 'Tis the season to be jolly afterall.

Christmas party, singing, crown, Black and white

A last dash to the shops to get the special someone a special something. As seen from a different point of view.

esculator, Christmas shopping, Black and white, looking down

And if all the bustle gets too much, why not escape the storm in a little hideaway of your own. Somewhere with a welcoming, open door?

Edinburgh Castle, door, rampart, black and white, Edinburgh

A full Collection of Staff Picks can be found here.

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