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This week in Blipfoto - Spreading the festive spirit a photo at a time

29th December 2012

What did you do over the festive break? Was it a traditional holiday, catching up with family and friends? Was it a time to do the things that you want to do? Or an excuse to do something completely different?

Our last selection of Staff Picks for the year take in a whole festive cross section.

Whatever you did, though, we hope hope that you had a great time.

Staff Picks

The traditional Boxing Day walk to work off the excesses of the day before can leave you rather disorientated at times. But so long as you have your camera, everything will be ok.

finland, snowy, Boxing day, lost

Spreading long-distance Christmas cheer is a whole lot easier these days. And sharing it with a sister-in-law across the other side of the world over a warming cup of tea is just the trick.

Christmas Day, communication, sister in law,

Christmas Day in Tokyo. How you spend it is completely up to you.

Tokyo, Japan, Christmas, through a window,

It's close to freezing, the winds are whipping up a storm, the sea is an icy black, but the lure of isolation in this busy period is too strong for some.

surfing, black and white, waves, cold,

It's good to share the festive cheer, in any little way you can.

london bus, santa, oxford circus,

Dubai. Christmas Eve. 71 floors up! A misty morning in the middle east. Man made mountains peaking through the clouds. This may be about as festive as it gets in the middle east, but it is pretty, isn't it?

Dubai, misty, city scape, 71 floors up, Christmas eve



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