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Top 20 tips for starting (and keeping) a 365 project

30th December 2012

As the beginning of a new year approaches many people start contemplating the idea of a new year's resolution. For some it is to get fitter, for others to rekindle an old hobby, but for budding amateur and professional photographers alike it's often The 365 Project!

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Regardless of the original rational for starting a 365 project - to use your camera more, learn more about photography, take better pictures, heighten awareness of your environment etc - many people over the years have tried and failed to complete the daily photo challenge for one reason or another.

Blipfoto is a photo-journal community that enables its users to upload just one picture per day, along with some words. Thousands of people from over 170 countries have successfully completed their 365 projects on Blipfoto, often with the help and encouragement of other Blippers. So who better to ask the secret to successfully completing a 365 project than those who have been there and done it. We asked Blippers for their Top Tips to a 365 project. Below we reveal our Top 20...

You may like to follow our sage advice - but it's completely up to you how you celebrate your special milestone!

365, photo a day, 365 Project,

Top 20 tips straight from the Blippers mouths...

1. "Don't set the bar too high, making it impossible to maintain."

2. "Always take your camera with you. Don't tuck it away in some obscure location in a bag or suitcase. Have it close by, where you can grab it in an instant."

3. "See everything as a potential picture - look at the world in frames and thirds."

4. "The first fifty pictures or so are just about finding your feet. Don't try too hard, just be yourself and photograph the things you love."

5. "Get as many family members or friends involved as you can. It's good to have somebody else who's looking for your daily picture."

6. "Don't be afraid to get into awkward situations or worry that people are staring at you. Just get the shot - It will be worth it!"

7. "By all means go out with an idea about what you want to photograph, but always keep your eyes and your mind open. You might find something even better."

8. "Learn how to crop and edit."

9. "Be prepared to devote time to the project. You will reap your own reward."

10. "Make an effort to get up early, occasionally."

11. "Don't be afraid to be repetitive. This will help bring your project to life."

12. "When photographing live creatures, first get the shot. THEN step closer to get a second shot. Sometimes, one shot is all you get. Make it count."

13. "Don't be afraid of taking several pictures if the first one didn't feel right. Push some ideas around, try a few variations. By pushing a picture to its limits you find out who you are as a photographer."

14. "Always carry an extra SD card - you WILL take more pictures than you planned."

15. "Carry a small notebook in your camera bag and note down any ideas you have for future photos. Many times you will see a great opportunity for a photo but not be in a position to get it, and vow to come back another time, only to forget what it was."

16. "Find pictures you admire, by talented photographers you admire. Look and learn from them. Often."

17. "Appreciate the light. When the light is different you will find the same place/subject will provide you with a multitude of photo opportunities."

18. "Join a community of photographers who are doing the same. You can bounce ideas around and get advice."

19. "Accept that you won't take the perfect shot every day."

20. "Above all else enjoy your journey..."

365, photo a day, 365 Project,

Whatever reason you have for wanting to embark on a 365 project - one thing is for sure, you'll no doubt have underestimated the journey you are about to embark upon and the intense feeling of pride that will overwhelm you as you post your 365th picture and look back through your year. And you'll probably think "why stop now"!

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