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This week in Blipfoto - Sharing memories for the new year

4th January 2013

Iceland, fireworks, new year

Happy new year. What's your resolution for 2013?

If getting better at photography is your goal, you're in the right place. Maybe you've decided to keep in touch with family and friends more... or perhaps make new friends while you're at it? Then (you guessed it) Blipfoto's the very thing for you.

However, for many the new year calls for a new challenge. Why not make that challenge to take a photo a day? The 365 Project, as it's affectionately known...

Blipfoto is the best place to undertake a 365 Project, so with that in mind, we asked Blippers all over the world who have done just that to give their tips to keeping a successful 365 Project. You can check the Top Tips out here...

But if you have any other tips to keeping a 365 photo project, why not share them below.

Good luck. We hope that 2013 is filled with beautiful memories. And we look forward to helping you share them.

Staff Picks

People from all over the world folk to Edinburgh for the famous Hogmany Celebrations, culminating in a stunning fireworks show at the stroke of the new year's arrival. And some people enjoy them from the comfort of their kitchen.

Edinburgh Hogmany, Fire Works, new year

It was the last day of the year in Finland. He decided that it was warm enough, he pulled his big sister's undies on and off he went, into the wilds.

Pants, snow, finland, chilly, Boy

New Year's Day - time to blow away the cobwebs.

Cornwall, New Year's Day, walk on the beach

Snow on the peaks, sunshine streaming through the valleys. Simply breathtaking.

Scottish mountains, snow tops, sun

Fueling up or just stopping for the morning papers?

fighter jet, jet plane, fueling up, garage

Newcastle Ocean Baths, Eastern Australia, 05:30. Tranquility.

Newcastle Ocean Pool, Outdoor pool , Australia, Sunrise, Lilac, Relaxing,

The waves squeeze through the rock formation at Pfeiffer Beach in BigSur, along with the sunshine, framing the pose.

BigSur, Pfeiffer Beach, USA, yoga, framed sunshine

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