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A model pro: A day shooting London Fashion Weekend

26th February 2013

"As the models came down the runway the sound of cameras firing was crazy - it was like being surrounded by crickets... or being out hunting when the pray comes into your sightline."

After the success of last year's competition to win exclusive photography passes to London Fashion Weekend, we teamed up once again with the lovely people at Calumet and Canon to offer Blippers the chance to get catwalk-side at this month's fabulous show at Somerset House.

London Fashion Weekend, catwalk, fashion photography, Somerset House, Calumet Photo of the Week,

By lloydffoto

It was the chance to get up-close and personal with the models as they strutted their stuff and be a fashion photographer for the day.

Four lucky Blippers won the passes, selected from the hundreds of shots entered into the Calumet Photo of the Week challenge. They were rewarded with official passes to the photographers pit, the use of some fancy Canon equipment, a Calumet goody bag - and a fantastic new photography experience.

London Fashion Weekend, Somerset House, Fashion Photography, Calumet

By Ladyley

From the expressions on the models faces, to the intricacies of 'The Pit', each of the winners shared their experiences of the day on Blip, so pop over to their journals to see how they got on...

...And keep your eye on the Blip Blog for more opportunities, competitions and prizes in the near future.

London Fashion Weekend, Fashion Photography, Somerset House, Calumet

By Sideystar

London Fashion Weekend, Fashion Photography, Somerset House, Calumet

By Silverback



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