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Calumet Photo of the Week - Monday 4th March 2013

4th March 2013

The winner of the Calumet Photo of the Week is this all action shot from the races. Blipper Docadiem captures the explosive power the horse and steely control of its rider as the dust and dirt swirls in a fury, left behind.

(Did you know that the American Quarter Horse excels at sprinting short distances? Its name came from its ability to outdistance other horse breeds in races of a quarter mile or less.)

Calumet Photo fo the Week, Calumet, horse racing, horse, speed

The picture will now be added to the Calumet Photo of the Week Hall of Fame (check out the gallery - there are already some great shots), with a print of the winning photo winging its way to the winning Blipper.

How to take part

We want to see your very best shots taken over the past week.

To enter, simply join the Calumet Group on Blipfoto and add your photo(s) to it. Each week we will delve into the new entries and pick a new Photo of the Week.

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