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After 833 pictures, I thought that maybe it's time with a fresh up my profile. I live in the woods with all that nature can offer, with my dear wife, Ib, and the dog Hurry. Although we live in the forest, we have close to everything "civilization" in Uppsala and the capital, Stockholm. After many years in the Swedish businessindustry as CEO, I have now stepped down and work a little as (conceivably) Chairman of the Boards of a few companies and is a mentor to young talented entrepreneurs. Playing a little golf and cycling, but much of my free time is spent being with the dog Hurry we practice obedience and compete a little bit, all other time is photography that I started with twelve years of age and has continued. Blip came from my friend Swinx I have known him since early childhood. Blip is really a highly addictive hobby, where I have the pleasure of having friends from all corners of the world. How long should I continue with a Blip? I drive on as long as it's fun and develop my photography. I have the idea to show the Scandinavian seasons with the bright summer nights and the long dark and snowy winters and in between spring and autumn with their colours and light.

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