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About bugsman

Wife, mother and grandmother who lives in a little country town between two large cities. We have horses, dogs, pigs and other critters who come visit us once in awhile. Amateur photographer who just has fun with the camera.

Adding on to this, I have now been with Blip for almost 3 years and it just gets more addictive as time goes on. I love this site, the people who all contribute to it and the group of hardworking folks that keep it up and going. The photography that shows up here is excellent and gives a glimpse of things I will never get to see in person.

Another add-on. How amazing to still being here with this fantastic and exceptional community. I don't upload a photo everyday anymore nor am I able to comment as much but it's going on 8 years and I still have the same strong feelings about Blipfoto as I did from the "get-go". Love it!!!

Email bouncer17@gmail.com

More Photos: www.camillescove.com

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