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About cyclops

29th November 2011

I am 33 34 35 36 37 years old, and I live in Edinburgh with my lovely wife (and fellow blipper)MrsCyclops. Our beloved cat Misty passed away in December 2012, so we're a diminished household compared with when I started blip...

My professional life is in the technology industry. I have a degree in Computer Science and Electronic engineering and I am unashamedly fascinated by all things geeky. These days most of what I do is in the area of commercialising new technology. In 2009 I took a year out to go to business school and spend some time in global and high-growth companies, courtesy of a Saltire Fellowship. Now I run my own company, Salient Point, helping start-ups companies bring new technology to market.

I have always had a passing interest in photography (one of my jobs was designing digital cameras!), but I took up SCUBA diving in 2005 and started developing a real interest in underwater photography. I originally started blipping to develop my skills for underwater photography (especially composition) but using the camera every day has really got me excited about photography of all kinds as a hobby! Being a geek, I find the technology side relatively easy - for me the challenge is developing my creative skills.

My current setup for underwater photography is a Canon S90 with Ikelite housing, a wide angle lens and a strobe.

Above water I have recently forsaken a series of Olympus bridge and SLR cameras for a Canon 60D. For lenses I have a Sigma 17-70 (f/2.8-4), a Tamron 70-300 (f/4-5.6), a Tamron 10-24 (f/4-5.6) and a Canon 50mm f/1.8. I also have a 580 EX II flash and a pile of other generic flashes and wee gadgety things (I did warn you I'm a geek right?) that are seldom used but prove indispensible when they do come out of the bag!

I get a huge amount of pleasure out of blipping, and I think it has helped my photography a lot! I hope you'll enjoy some of my pictures too.

Some landmarks:
- 1st: Christmas Tree
- 100th: Beach
- 200th: Toast
- 300th: Glittering
- 365th: Caught in the Act
- 400th: 400 Blips
- 500th: May I present... 500 Blips!
- 730th: 2 Years of Blipping - 730 Blips
- 1000th: Foiled!
- 1095th: 3 Years - 1095 Blips - No gaps!
- 1460th: CTWO II - Four Years No Gaps
- 1500th: 1500 Blips - No gaps!
- 1825th: 5 Blipping Years

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