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About Life's Little Moments

My name is Debbi, and I live in northwestern New Jersey with my hubs and two cats, surrounded by farms and forests, but less than 2 hours from NYC. In 2009, while recovering from surgery for a brain tumor, I rediscovered my love of photography. I treated myself to a Nikon D90 and started taking pictures again. Most of them end up in the "deleted" file, but sometimes I get exactly what I envisioned and it feels like magic!

In 2013, I went full-frame with a brand new Nikon D600. I have sold off all but two lenses - a Nikon 28-300, and a Tamron 200-500 (aka "Big Daddy"). I also have a little bridge camera, a Nikon Coolpix p510 that I use for candid shots and macros.

What I've learned about myself is that I love nature so most of my shots are of birds, bugs and things outside. My hubby and I are owned by two cats, so you will occasionally see them here, when they deign to be photographed! I also like experimenting with the occasional street scene when I'm in NYC, as well as the odd landscape. I am learning as I go, so always welcome suggestions and tips!

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