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Declan will write about his life, just as soon as his kids let him have one. Current estimate - another 15 years...

513 Blip update - 10 Apr 13
Since I have some time (again!)

dramatis personae;

Monkey Boy
aka the Heir to the family name. Normally found in a heap on the floor with a football nearby... Hole in trousers now optional!

aka Madamoiselle Grumpy Pants (before 8am/after 7pm!). When missing, please (still!) look in the vicinity of mirrors or photo albums...

Yummy Mummy
Like Rumpole's "She who must be obeyed", content to lurk off-screen...

I used to have hair; now I have children!

and the others... who appear sporadically
the Commuters
Rev. Mongo B.Sc B.Eng MRIAI - congratulations boy!
Mrs Gooner McGooner (aka Blakey's Sister)

the Outlaws
Nandad (his name is Jim, but the kids call him... Jim!)
Uncle Dabid (missing, presumed having a blast!)

the Folks
Cousin Stretch
The Brother (A pint of plain is his only man!)

the Pack

And the roll of honour...
The public Favourite... or maybe this or this...
My Favourite...
My Best... Just got better... Well, I think so - you'll just have to judge for yourself!

And now with added archives!
The Digital Age starts here...
And there's even a blipfolio!

for further reading
Try this shameless product placement?
And here for bigger view and alternate photos to the blips.
Or even here and there?
And now harassing the good people at Flickr as well, if you want to see what didn't make the blip!

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