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About Dolly's Day

I am a 63 year old widow who lives near Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. I am a Geordie born and bred and have never lived anywhere else. I have 2 children. My daughter Becky is married to Mike and lives in Isleworth, London. My son Neil graduated from Northumbria University in the Summer of 2011. In September 2011 he began travelling around Thailand, Singapore and New Zealand. He then lived in Australia until June 2012. He is home now.

I support Newcastle United and try to get to as many home matches as I can. Favourite player is Jonas Gutierrez.

I enjoy entering competitions and have had some success in winning modest prizes.

I have 2 Bengal cats - Tino and Lily.

I am a member of a Slimming World group and so far I have lost 3 stone 5 pounds.( as of June 2014 )

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