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Kinda Horrigans

Thursday 10 March 2011: Some people might say...

377/365: ... my life is in a rut*

Not least because I seem to be stuck in b&w land. However, they'd be wrong cuz it isn't. I mean. Look at the exciting places I get to go and see. The underground car park at John Lewis in Nottingham. Isn't it just glamorous? Utterly confusing, incredibly suffocating and we ended up having to drive around the entire maze-like thing just to get to the exit - the other side of the no exit sign - only a couple of metres away from where we parked. Pff!

I very nearly blipped this shot of a coffee Nick had while we were waiting for the bank to open this morning. Now, that sounds like we were going to rob it. And that would sure have left our bank account in a better position, but instead we were getting out the money to pay for the car we just bought. *gulp* Felix is extremely excited about the car - he says it's going to be called 'Grey Car' - because it's... well... grey. Naturally. He dismissed all other possible names as being 'silly' and said that 'Green Car' (our other car) wouldn't be happy with any other name. We're picking it up tomorrow and he's already counting down the hours. It makes it sound like we're getting some kind of sports car, huh? Something big. Fast. Exciting? Exactly opposite to the old Nissan Micra we're actually getting. :o)

Hey ho!

Other things today? Some marking (currently being avoided as I type this up), and some gardening. Which has wrecked my arms, legs and back again because I'm still on my 'digging up the nettles and brambles' marathon. I figure that a little bit of it a day will get it sorted. And then I can get planting! Yay!! The tomato seedlings have been transplanted today - mainly because I dropped them in the little propagator and had to bluff to Felix that they were ready to move. Tum te tum...

Gardening deceit. Is that what I've sunk to?

PS Ta for the comments on yesterday's blip. Think I'm having the guilts about just not having time to browse and comment as I'd like.
PPS Felix has just ripped his trousers.
PPPS And there's children's TV playing in the background which is making my brain rot even more. Aaaargh!!!

* Points scored for spotting the tenuous link to 'Going underground' and an underground car park. It's a rubbish prize though. I wouldn't bother claiming it if I were you...


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