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Kinda Horrigans

Saturday 19 March 2011: Do not be fooled...

386/365: ... this is a face that means business. Especially when it comes to a nice brutal pillow fight at stupid o'clock in the morning. And only moments after this shot was taken I had a face full of WAKE UP!!!!!!!! in the form of a flying pillow.

And got my blip done for the day which was good cuz I have had no time at all to do any photography. Risking my head and camera for a quick shot of Felix being vicious with bedding was a small price to pay.

The rest of the day was filled with me finishing off my marking and commenting on student assignments. And battling with Microsoft Word which decided to eat a whole essay-load of my feedback... carefully thought about feedback. Considered and supportive feedback. Hand crafted feedback. Little nuggets of educational joy. Okay... maybe not quite that good... but bloody Word ate the lot. Just as I thought I could see the finish line and was done. %&$!!*@$!

I also managed to listen to the same song 50+ times today. It was a genius idea. Work, with headphones on, listening to music and blocking out the rest of the noise from the monkeys and my DIY-ing husband. And listen to the same song so's not to be distracted by the 'ooooh, I don't like that one better do some faffing about with iTunes' factor. Apart from now having that earnest little song welded to the inside of my skull and not standing a chance of it shifting. Well. Brilliant idea.

If it weren't for the fact that my kids have already shoved me in the direction of insanity... that song would be enough to do it.

Oh, and I've done another bit of digging in the garden, clearing nettles, ivy and brambles... and crippling myself. So, Saturday night beckons and I will be collapsing in a heap, still humming that song whilst Maddy and Felix finish off bickering for the day.

PS Felix has just cut his nails with some nail clippers
PPS They're that short I don't think that he'll be picking his nose, scratching his bottom or picking scabs for a while. I'll probably let him carry on cutting his nails from now on. :o))
PPPS We're still sleeping in the living room whilst we decorate our bedroom... right next to where my camera lives hence blipping and bedding going together a treat!


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