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Friday 15 April 2011: he made their brutish venoms

Seeing as the hardware shop near the office had NEVER HEARD OF A P-CLIP and didn't have a wee bolt thing the right size for the one I need to fix the bracket thing for the telly I didn't bother getting any anchoring devices to attach the bracket to the wall from them either. Reasoning that the B&Q at Powderhall is safer than the one on Easter Road regarding the leaving of bicycles out of sight I took the route home which involves Warriston Road, parked, trundled inside and was just inspecting the variety of brick anchor things when there was a wee prickling at my wrist, which I assumed to be the knob of my watch grabbing a hair, which it is known to occasionally do. Unfortunately it turned out to be a bastard wasp-bastard, just retracting its stinger and wriggling off as I looked down. Judging by which building I was working in at the time it must have been either six or seven years ago when I was last wasped, when one barged into my neck as I was trundling north on a roundabout route home coincidentally only about sixty metres away from the location of today's attack. That time I'd carried on my loop of the cycle paths only to realise by the time I got to Roseburn that I was getting a bit swollen about the face, more so than exertion and heat could account for. I assumed it was just because I'd been stung in the neck that it was having such an effect and so took an antihistamine tablet (not sure why we had them at the time... possibly to reduce the itching of midge-bites) before going to the doctor, resulting in a repeat visit and a test and finding out that I was allergic to waspy bastards and nice wee bees, which could possibly also have explained my three-night hospitalisation with breathing difficulties in September 1996, which I'd assumed was down to stress but which was probably stress plus being stung twice by two wasps which managed to crawl under my shirt whilst I was asleep a few days previously. Although I am now prepared for such things (though the EpiPen in my bag is possibly a bit out of date) I hadn't yet replaced my little wallet-stash of Piriton after the last lot crumbled so swiftly left the shop and trundled to the nearby Tesco for some generic chlorphenamine maleate. Apart from my wrist swelling up (mostly back down now, though getting itchy) there has been no puffiness, no difficulty breathing and certainly no 'feeling of dread' (one of the signs indicating it's adrenaline time) which is hopefully at least partially due to having not been stung for a few years and not having stimulated my allergic response too much as well as the antihistamine.


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