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Kinda Horrigans

Monday 18 April 2011: Paint me a picture...

416/365: ... and make sure there's one tree covered in pink blossom... one fisherman who's dozed off in the sunshine... a bit of wibbly wobbly water... and colours which look like an over-enthusiastic child picked them out after being fed pure e-numbers.

Then you have a snippet of my lunchtime walk where I took my Lensbaby Composer for a gander at the local scenery. Kinda liked the touch of the surreal the Lensbaby gave the whole thing and it makes me feel better for neglecting my poor little lens a teeny bit!

Today's been kinda busy. Left everyone snoozing at 6:45 this morning... managed to arrive at work just before 8am. Did some work... had a couple of meetings... sorted out a presentation for tomorrow... did a bit more work. Y'know. Busy. Definitely a better day than Friday too which had left me feeling a bit drained, to be honest. And although there's lots to be done, it still feels like a good challenge rather than an ever tightening noose!

Oh, and when I got home, I was met by both children boinging and doinging at the front door. Felix was so excited I thought he'd pop. The reason? A 'surprise' they'd made me in the garden. Two scarecrows to protect my vegetables from being attacked by birds! Maddy's looked like a weirdly squashily stuffed version of herself. And Felix's was a robot. Apparently, he wanted to be put inside the scarecrow so that he could actually scare off the birds by going 'BLAST!!!'. Awwwww! Will take a photo of their scarecrows when the light is better as they deserve being blipped. How sweet are they both?!

I do love being a mummy!

PS Forgot to write down the 'grey car' game Felix invented a few weeks' ago - but which has seeped its way into my brain and I instinctively play when I'm driving.
PPS Oh, the rules are - if you see a grey car (=Nissa Micra (and it doesn't actually have to be grey)) then you shout 'grey car' and award yourself a point.
PPPS Extra fun is had by not explaining this to other people who then attempt to spot actual grey cars and have their joy met with Felix-shaped derision, whilst he awards himself lots of points for red, blue, yellow, white etc Micras. :o)
PPPPS Y'see why being a mummy is ace? And a little bit head-mashing...


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