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Kinda Horrigans

Sunday 15 May 2011: Being boring...

443/365: ... a short lesson.

1. Take one flower that you've blipped two out of three days running
2. Take photo of it again
3. Don't even include the flower itself in the shot
4. Remove all colour from said shot
5. Blip.

Ta da!

This does sum up my day though. Boring. Have been marking (still not finished) and no time to get out and about and / or take any other photos. At least, none that moved the boring-o-meter off the 'utterly boring' scale.

Oh, and now Felix is crying because I told him he couldn't have a biscuit. And apparently Nick had told him he could.


One of those days.

At least Nick is doing better than me. In a break in my marking, I went into the kitchen to get a drink and there was Nick, with both children elbow deep in flour 'baking'. Now, to most people baking = wholesome Delia Smith-esque fare. Sunday morning, pottering in the the kitchen. Making wonderful smelling goodies. Add children into the mix, however, and you have the potential for a mushroom-cloud of flour scale disaster. Tears. Mess. Chaos. Mixture everywhere but the bowl. And yet... there they were... calmly getting on with mixing. And not only were they baking, but Maddy was making Rock Cakes and Felix was making Jam Drop biscuits. Two different things? This is a level of kiddie-based cookery the likes of which has never before been seen in my kitchen! And they survived it. With no screeching. And... the things they made were edible!!!!

I spend my Sunday boring myself witless marking. Nick spends his day elevating himself to the heights of paternal genius.

I am not worthy.

PS The kids also tidied their rooms
PPS But trashed the rest of the house
PPPS Weekend 0 : Filth 1


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