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Kinda Horrigans

Wednesday 25 May 2011: Little clouds...

453/365: ... and a background of softness.

What *are* these flowers by the way? I planted them with the kids last year when we were making an alpine garden and I can't remember what they're called. Anyway, they're like little pom poms on sticks (I've just spelled that popm popm and no idea why... must be tired). Actually, pom poms on sticks might be a better name for this blip? Pfff... can't be bothered to change it!

Am soooooo shattered and am trying to write this entry with a backdrop of Felix playing possibly *the* most annoying toy ever. It's a doll which sings some weird song from High School Musical really loudly by holding a horrible lilac microphone to the doll's head (thank you SO much to the person who bought that for Maddy). Now, the doll has lost her dress somewhere along the line and her hair is scraped up into a weird scraggily bun on her head. Oh, and Felix thinks she's singing 'Just f*ck away' instead of 'walk away' and is merrily yelling 'f*ck!' and shrieking with laughter... whilst stopping and starting the doll singing.

You know those moments where you feel like you're trapped in hell? This is one of them.

Y'know the other annoying thing? Maddy can now read what I'm writing and keeps trying to come and read it over my shoulder. Which means I can't write about her without her nosy noggin clocking it.

*lightbulb moment*



Damn. Now she's singing 'Go to bed Maddy' really loudly whilst dancing.


Anyway, all I'm really doing is killing time before I can go to bed. I've wanted to go to bed for the past hour and a half and it's only twenty to eight in the evening now. Daft really because I've worked from home today and not had any stupid commuting or anything like that to contend with. Even managed to see a friend for a chat and repotted some cucumbers which is verging on normal. But, over it all is a thick layer of 'tired' and I just cannot shift it.

Also feeling a little bit caught between two camps at work and though I can't say anything about it, I'm being put under pressure to take a side whilst my best bet is neutrality and positivity.

My. Head. Is. Full.

PS Wonder if there's a fast forward button which could speed me towards bed...
PPS... and whizz past the work awkwardness
PPPS I can dream, can't I?


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