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Kinda Horrigans

Wednesday 1 June 2011: My sad little sandwich...

460/365: ... does this count as a picnic / blipnic?

It's as close as I got today. So... y'know... if you were in my kitchen at 6am when I made this sad exhibit, then you'd have been more than welcome to share in it.

It didn't actually last much past halfway through the morning so you'd have had to be quick whatever happened. I get up so early that lunchtime happens about 11am... normally tucked in between meetings. And coughing. I really don't think I should've gone in but I had a meeting I particularly wanted to make... which I did (and I didn't even cough all over them!)... and then sloped off home with my farmer's wife style temperature-induced rosy cheeks.

Colds really aren't dramatic enough, are they? They don't inspire sympathy. They're like a germy force-field. Next time I have a cold I'm going to fake a limp and tell people I've had some kind of heroic accident instead!

This cold also seems to have zapped any thoughts from my head and I can't think what I was going to write.


*mentally puts on hold music for a second*

The kids, at least, seem better than they were and spent some of the afternoon with Nick looking for treasure. Where treasure involves lots of mud covered stones. When they arrived home, Nick was clutching what I think might've been a lump of quartz... and Maddy had a couple of smallish pebbles. Felix, trailing behind, carried a bag. With two hands. And a grimace on his face. I'm surprised he didn't give himself a hernia - the bag was heaving with rocks. He sure doesn't do things by halves!

Right. Am being very dull so I'm going to stop writing.

PS Obviously after I've included a PS
PPS Or two. :o)

UPDATE: I remembered what I was going to write!!! Nick found his wallet. In the glovebox of the car. Where he first 'looked' (note the quote marks there!). And now we have to wait for all the cards to be reissued. *drums fingers on desk and frowns*


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