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Kinda Horrigans

Monday 6 June 2011: The Monday morning blues...

465/365: ... or rather, the Monday morning reds as Maddy Moo is decidedly red from the Slapped Cheek syndrome virusy thingy which she's caught from Felix. Anyway, I took this at about 6:30 this morning and I was just about to head off to work when Moo started crying. She has a quite awesome rash all over her arms and back which I don't think you can really make out in this shot... but she felt horrid and had to have the day off school as a result.

It sure is rubbish leaving your children when they feel ill. Being a working mum sucks some times. The selfish part of you might argue that at least you're not having to deal with the sick child... but the maternal part just feels guilt when they obviously need you and you have to leave.

A quick list of things that suck about being a working mum:

1. You're always late
2. If you do manage to do the school run, you never know anyone...
3. ... and yet they know that you're *that* mother who 'never normally bothers'
4. There's a story in the paper every other week about how your working is dooming your kids to failure...
5. ... and if they don't fail, then it wasn't down to you anyway because *pointed look* 'you weren't around anyway'
6. You always look a wreck...
7. ... and discover at least one stain on your outfit after you've had an important meeting
8. And you can't even call your colleagues 'sweetie' or 'poppet' when you don't instantly recall their names as you can with your own kids!!

Though I have to say that the last one is kinda tempting...

At least work stuff is trundling along okay. Very busy and meetings galore... but not feeling stressed. Just tired from all that processing of new information and connections. Met other interesting people today... had some good chats... y'know... all good on that front! Other work stuff, not so good - and despite my clinging on with my fingernails, I'm being hassled about it and it's pushing me over the edge a tad!

Just wish the balance overall was better!

And... relax. :o)

PS When I say 'relax', I actually mean I'm about to slope off to bed
PPS Party on, working mum!


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